Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 Weeks

Yesterday we had Sydnee's 2 week wellness check-up. Dr. G said she is perfect and looks great! This is something her Mommy and Daddy loved to hear. She did have to have a heel prick for a test. When it first happened, she didn't know if she was supposed to cry, and then they squeezed the heel and her little face scrunched up and let me tell you, she can cry! I am not sure how I will do when it comes to shots next time. Other moms have survived, I'm sure I will too! Results of her check-up and measurements: Height - 20" - 75% of babies, Weight - 7lbs 11oz - 50%, Head Circumference - 14" - 70%. Needless to say, the facts make it sounds like our baby is lop-sided but she really does look normal! Right now she is laying on her tummy and playing. She is starting to lift her head, even though she does that mostly when we hold her and it causes her to head-butt us in the chest because she doesn't have the neck strength just yet!

Milestones of the last week! Sydnee has figured out her days and nights. Sadly mommy and daddy are super tired and didn't want to force her awake, we are grateful now because she has a consistent feed, wake, sleep cycle and she sleeps in 2 four hour shifts at night. It's glorious! She had some major gas, apparently common in breast-fed babies and Dr. G said to get Mylicon drops. They are wonderful! She doesn't like to burp but has gotten better at it. The most interesting thing is that she doesn't like to have diapers put on. She likes to bring her legs up frog style when we try to get the diaper on. It's kind of funny and we have some fun little names for out little girl. She's our little frog, a goose (she honks when she nurses), and our little squeak toy because she squeaks when she is just laying around.

Mommy is very grateful Daddy doesn't have a job yet. After her morning feeding, he takes her and Mommy gets to go back to sleep for an hour or so. It's been wonderful having him home. We are praying the job he is applying for works out because it would be great for us but I have enjoyed the last 2 weeks home with him.

In other news, I had hives again this week. Dr. Suzie gave me some steroids to take care of it. It has helped a lot. I think they are now hormone related and not something I am allergic to. It makes sense because I had them at the beginning of pregnancy and now that the hormones are changing/leaving I am getting them again. I am just glad they can give me something to help take them away. When I was pregnant I could only take benadryl and I can't take that now. I like the new medicine better! We have been super blessed with gifts and food over the last few weeks, God is providing for us! Well here are a few pictures from last week.

Our first bath in the tub. Daddy is warming me up after!

First St. Patty's Day! Today is the day I was supposed to be born! Glad I'm already here!
I was having wardrobe issues!
Great Grandpa and JoAnne! He thinks I'm tiny!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sydnee Madison

One week ago today, we welcomed our little Sydnee Madison into the world. We have been so blessed by her. I know every mother says this, but I think she is just perfect! We had a small setback getting her here, but it was all worth it in the end.

We started the induction on Monday night, and the doctor thought we would have a little girl by the afternoon. However, my body didn't respond to the medicine and we started to discuss the idea of a c-section. Neither the doctor nor I wanted to do this so she let me continue. The baby wasn't in any distress so we decided to wait a few hours to see if I could progress any further. Well we discovered later that Sydnee wasn't in the right position the entire time until the end. After a new bag of pitocin (sp), and a mean nurse came in to "check me", I had progressed. In under 5 hours I had Sydnee! She and I both had a small temperature (nothing too serious), so I didn't get to hold her right away but we finally got to see her and have her with us!

Our first nights at home have been trying, to say the least. She has her days and nights mixed up and doesn't like us changing her schedule. It has been both good and bad with the whole getting to know our little girl. I am so tired, which they tell you, but at the same time, so excited to see our little girl. She was a bit jaundiced when we left the hospital but it has gone away on its own. Sydnee has a set of lungs on her and she can cry! Michael is the most patient with her when she gets cranky. When I hold her when she cries like that, all she wants to do is eat. Well, sometimes that just doesn't work out, if you know what I mean :) I can't feed her all day long! We are working on her sleep schedule today. We are following the book Babywise and hopefully we can get her straightened out. Right now she is crying in the other room instead of taking her nap. I will be very happy if she naps after the next feeding.

Here are some pictures of baby Sydnee!

Dr. Owen! Love her and she was so great with all the craziness of the delivery. 
Sydnee and her Daddy!
Sydnee about to head home. Look there is a bow in her hair and it's pink!
Sydnee with her Poppy. She is so tiny!!