Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crazy June...Crazy July?

Well Baby Hull #2 was set to arrive June 26th. I thought he would come early. I mean, what mom doesn't think their baby will come early? At that point you just want to have the baby. Well I made it to 39 weeks and my doctor decided we could induce on June 25th. I was ok with that. We had planned it, called the family and decided that was a good idea. Then the nurse called, they couldn't get me into the hospital until the 27th. I thought, ok, 2 more days, no biggie. What I was secretly hoping for was the Super Moon to put me into labor and I wouldn't have to be induced at all! The moon had other plans and I was still preggo on Monday. I worked Monday night and had the rest of the week off. My mom was in town and I thought, hey, mom and I can get ready for the baby, do some last minute shopping wit Sydnee and then on Thursday welcome our new little boy.

Surprise! Surprise! The doctor and hospital called Tuesday morning, said we have an opening and to come when we could to have a baby. I called Michael, had him leave work. I took a shower. My mom showed up to hang out with Syd and I called my boss to let her know. Then we packed up and headed to the hospital. They got us all hooked up. I wasn't dilated far enough to break my water so they started the pitocin. YUCK! I was already have contractions, just not regular ones so they tried to help. All this was done by 11AM...so that means I was 3 hours behind our predicted schedule the doctor had originally wanted. I was supposed to be induced at 8AM on Thursday and Michael and I were hoping to have the baby by mid-afternoon and be done with it all. By 3, they finally broke my water. I wasn't interested in an epidural because it hurt so bad the last time and part of it didn't work and I was miserable. However, I went 1 hour with contractions 2 minutes apart because of the pit that I asked for one. The very nice nurse said I had to wait 30 minutes and have a bag of some fluid before I could get my pain killer. Well that was a very not fun half hour and it took longer than the 30 minutes but I finally had my epidural and was good to go. (I forgot to mention in all of this, two of my nurses had lived in Lubbock and it felt kind of like home. One was a huge Tech fan! Oh and Pinterest while in labor is really pretty fun. Michael and I had a pretty relaxing time and chatted about all sorts of stuff...like trying to find a house to live in and my little sister moving in with us. More on that later...) So back to my labor story. Not 45 minutes later, my doctor came in, checked me and I was around a 6. Things were moving faster but she said it would still be closer to 9 before we met our little man. We called the family in and sent them all to dinner! Ha! About 45 minutes after that I told the nurse I felt a lot more pressure and pain - that's when she gave me the magic button to push to give me more pain killers - and she said I was at a 10 and started to prep the room. Michael sent off texts that we would have the baby sooner rather than later and he would keep everyone posted. Then the fun began. 15 minutes after that, a new nurse came in and was helping prep the room and I said I really felt like I should be pushing...I was close to being right. It was about 7PM, she called the doctor. The doctor came, had me do some practice pushes and then said here we go! So a few more pushes later we had a baby boy! Ryne Justus Hull. 7:29PM, June 25, 2013. 8lbs 12oz. and 19in. At this point the doctor asked me why I wasn't begging to be induced earlier. He was happy, healthy and finally here. I didn't think he was that heavy inside, but I was wrong. He was HEAVY! Then we started joking about all the baby movies, like Baby Mama and What to Expect When You Are Expecting. It was surreal. I didn't feel like I had just had a baby. But we are super glad he is here!

So back to my crazy June and July. We had to move out of our apartment and we were struggling to find a place that we could afford, had more room and yet was not in the dumps. Then my sister called a week before the baby was due and said she was thinking of moving to Round Rock. That's when crazy happened. She decided later that week that it was a go and would help pay rent. So we could increase our limit and had a lot more houses to go look at. This is where crazy happens. I got out of the hospital on Thursday, went to the doctor for RJ on Friday, after the hospital, met the realtor that afternoon and put an offer in on a house that evening. We had to wait all weekend and were finally approved. Then we decided to move when he was two weeks old. Thankfully we had friends help! So we are now in a new house. My son is 3 weeks old today and I am taking a break from unpacking and organizing. It is only July 16th and I have a feeling a lot more crazy will happen before the month is over!

An update on RJ: At his 2 week appointment he was given a very clean bill of health! 
Length: 22in (he grew 3 inches in two weeks!) - 90%
Weight: 8lbs 10.5oz (46-47%)
Head Circ: 36% 

So happy to have him in our family. He is so good!!