Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Girl!

Well I was in for a surprise today! We found out we are having a baby girl in March. Super excited but I did think I was having a boy the whole time. I know Michael thinks the whole "woman's intuition" is false, but I really did think it was a boy. He even laughed at me in the sonogram room because I was wrong! Oh well...c'est la vie! I am super excited about this little girl. I hope she comes out cute! HAHA! We looked at the sonogram pictures and they just don't do babies justice on how cute they will be. We haven't decided on room decorations. I don't really want to do pink. It's all too sweet for me. I am not a super pink (everything pink) type of a person. I am actually leaning towards a more neutral type room. I'll have to look and see what's out there. We also decided that we aren't into the HUGE bows that are larger than the head. I don't mind the little bows or bows that fit the size of the head. Those are cute and we will use them. I also know I can't actually stop people from going completely pink - as my grandmother aptly put it, "what if she likes pink?" If our little girl likes girly things, she can decide that on her own, but I don't have to go completely pink if I don't want to. I think I actually said, until she's old enough to pick things out, I have to look at the room and I want to like what I look at! Ha, my arrogance!

We are so excited about our baby girl! I can't wait to meet her! Only 20 more weeks!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Preparing for THE Baby

I am deciding if I should start a book. It could actually be popular. Actually, I haven't looked at a bookstore to see if they have anything like this but I think it would be a great idea. I may just do that in all my spare time! It would be a book on how to plan and prepare for pregnancy. After going through the whole preparing for your wedding, step by step, there should be a list on what to do each month/week of preparing for a baby. Since finding out we were pregnant, people have asked if I've thought about this or done that or am I going to do this and frankly, the whole thing is overwhelming! Just figuring out your life as your know is changing and very rapidly, now you have to make all these decisions. So my book would be based a checklist. I work well with checklists and I can get things done if I check them off. They had it for me when I was getting married, by 6-9 months before the wedding I should have my venue and photographer booked. I could easily check off those things and I felt like I had accomplished something. So I think there should be a similar book about pregnancy.

That whole rambling has led me to the latest thing I have been contemplating. As we are nearing the halfway mark, it feels like I should at least know or be saving to buy the things we will need in the next few months. I can't believe I am 18 weeks and already thinking that 22 weeks will be here in a flash...and it will be...that's how the school year is going right now. Currently, I am thinking about cloth diapers. I'm not one of those SUPER eco-friendly people. I'm all about helping the planet since God gave it to us to use and to care for and I don't think throwing stuff away and filling up landfills is the best way to use what was uniquely created for us. However, I am for economic friendly and practical. After talking to a lot of people and reading forums and doing some research, I have discovered that cloth diapers are a major money saver. You can save almost $2,000 by using cloth diapers and they are now able to be used on the next child. There are some really neat ideas out there and they seam really durable. I have these unfriendly memories of the cloth diapers my mom used on my sister. Folding. Safety pins. Laundry. Bleaching in the sun. And the all around inconvenience of the baggy butt baby. I have looked a few websites and there are even some friends here that do use them and I will make my way of to their house to investigate before making any final decisions. Michael is for whatever is practical. Basically, anything to "plug a hole" and yes, the idea of cotton balls and gobstoppers was used to help in those areas. Quite humorous I am sure but those ideas are FAR from practical. I am not opposed to using both cloth and disposable but I do know we have a budget and need to stay in it. Below I have listed my pros and cons to the idea of cloth diapers. Let me know what you think.

1. Save $2000
2. May be used with the next child
3. Easier to potty train a child
4. Easy to use diapers and adjustable to the baby (one diaper fits all)

1. Inconvenient
2. Daycares will not always take a baby that has them
3. Laundry several times a week

These are the two brands I'm looking into as well.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Perspective: Get Some, Tech Fans

Perspective noun ~ the faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship.

Perspective noun ~ the totality of facts that keeps you from asking out the hot girl in the corner because she’s your cousin (I’m lookin’ at you Aggies).

The game on Saturday was horrible, atrocious, and just plain embarrassing; however, the end is not near. Gridiron Armageddon is not rapidly approaching. The weeping and gnashing of teeth of Tech fans can be put on hold.

Many are lamenting the end of Texas Tech football . . . forever. It is as if this year is the only year they have been a Tech fan. Emotions seem to be running wild. People are angry, disappointed, saddened. Given this past week’s debacle, they have a right to be so, but let’s not get our jock straps in a bunch. We need some perspective.

The loss to Iowa State was embarrassing, but not uncharacteristic of Texas Tech football. For some reason some people seem to think Tommy Tuberville has destroyed Tech football and that Leach would have won the last two games by a combined 40 points. In an effort to show why this is wrong, I am going to subtract something a lot of fans seem to be using, and add something few seem to have; emotion and perspective, respectively.

First, Tech fans, like all good fans, are emotionally invested in their team. That is a good thing . . . most of the time. Emotional investment is bad when it comes to evaluating the team (or anything really). Those emotions take over and cause a lack of objectivity which, in turn, creates a lack of understanding regarding the subject at hand. There are tons of examples of this type of behavior in politics. For example, look at gun control. Some argue that we need gun control because “innocent people/children are killed with guns.” While this may be true, it is an emotional plea and completely avoids other reasons for guns (2nd Amendment, protection from government/criminals, hunting, etc.). Another example would be social security. Many would say, “We have to have social security so that my grandma can pay her rent.” Again, this is an emotional argument. It tells us nothing about the policy except your grandma needs to pay rent. From the right, a good example would be, “We have to keep fighting in Iraq because of those who died in 9/11.” Again, this is not a policy, it’s an emotional response. Emotionally-based evaluations are bad in just about every realm of life because they create horribly skewed solutions to factually deprived—and possibly nonexistent—problems.

Tech fans seem to be attached to these emotional responses. No one cares about perspective. While the outcome of ISU game makes me want to puke, that emotional response should not govern the objective reality of the situation. I have heard and read lots of whining about how Tech football has been dismantled by Tuberville, and how Leach would have this team at 5-0 after only 4 games. Let’s look at this a little more in-depth.

First, the Tech offense has scored 139 points this year. At this point last year, the Tech offense had scored 145 points. That is an average of 1.5 points less this year than last (with a horrible O-line might I add). So, for all of you who are emotionally tied to the Air Raid offense and are crying in you beer arguing that Tubs has killed it, look at the numbers. The points are still there. No, there might not be as many screens and 5 five sets, but point-wise, Tech is still scoring.

Second, what has changed is we have given up 8.5 more points a game this year than last. That is unfortunate, but hopefully this can be related to the fact that we changed our defensive scheme over the offseason. There is no way to predict the future, but we don’t need to throw away the new D after four games. We have never been known as a great defensive team. Let’s look at some Leach-era losses for comparison so that all you Leachers out there can get a dose of reality.


29-28 loss @ Houston. Everyone remembers the QB sneak that didn’t work. Everyone also remembers the fact that everyone in the state of Texas knew it was coming despite the fact that it hadn’t worked up to that point.

52-30 loss to A&M AT TECH! This was a painful loss; maybe one of the most painful in recent memory.


65-21 loss @ OU. And that game wasn’t even that close! Oh, and we were ranked #2 at the time.

47-34 loss to Ole Miss @ the Cotton Bowl.


49-45 loss @ OSU. Remember when Tech had a chance to win in the last seconds and a pass in the end zone when off of some guy’s shoulder pads on 4th down? I think his name was Crabtree.

We also lost @ Mizzou against CU @home and @ UT this year. Only one of those games was within less than 16 points.

Now, this is only going back three years—probably 3 of the better years of the Leach era. Only twice in the Leach era did Tech lose LESS THAN 3 conference games. EIGHT times in TEN years under Leach, Tech lost AT LEAST 3 conference games and FIVE of those years, Tech lost AT LEAST 4 conference games.

In other words, let’s put this season into perspective. It hasn’t been great, or even as good as expected. What is has been is Tech football. We had one outstanding year (and didn’t even get to the conference championship, might I add), so let’s stop acting like Tech football has suddenly fallen from grace. Tuberville has not taken your precious child and kicked it to the curb. He is not trying to kill a good thing. He is trying to take a historically slightly-better-than-average team and make it better. Let’s remove the emotional nonsense and look at the fact that we are what we always have been. We’re good enough to beat anyone, but inconsistent enough to lose to anyone. (Let’s also realize that as a whole, the Big 12 sucks this year. OU is the best team in the South and they could easily be 1-3.)

Hopefully, with Tuberville and time, we will be a more rounded team capable of beating anyone, but not losing unexpectedly. Of course, that would require patience on the part of the fan base to give him the time needed to recruit and build a program (not just an offense).