Monday, March 19, 2012

One year...and a few days

So I just read my friend's blog about her precious son and I realized it has been at least 6 months since I updated the blog. Apparently balancing work, family, church, baby and other aspects of life have left me behind on updating the world on our life. Not that the world really cares about what goes on with us, but maybe my friends do.

Sydnee has had an exciting first year of her life. And by exciting, scary for mommy and daddy and very tiring. In the fall she had a series of ear infections that led to us getting tubes put in her ears. Since then, ear infections have been fewer and she has been able to deal with all her drainage better. Well in January Sydnee went back to daycare ready to tackle the world. From January until the end of February we, as a family, have battled the stomach bug, sinus infections and living through Sydnee's pneumonia. Through all the breathing treatments and doctors appointments we finally have a pretty happy, healthy baby girl.

At our one year wellness appointment, we got all her new measurements and they decided she has some allergies. They put her on some allergy meds and our world has been even happier! The doctor said she is a busy little girl and progressing nicely. I am so proud of my little 'big' girl! Here are her latest stats compared to her 1 year ago (or far as I can remember)

Birth/2 week
1 year

 20" -70%
28.5" - 50%

  7lbs 11oz - 50%
19lbs 3 oz - 25%

Head Circumference:
70% (I forgot the measurements)
18 in - 75% (our kid has a big head!)

Things Sydnee likes to do now:

She likes to eat EVERYTHING! She thinks we should share all our food. We are working on getting her to switch to whole milk and she likes that but only in a cup with a straw. Finger foods include fruit, puffs, anything we make into finger food. She also likes icing and things that are sweet.

She loves her stuffed lion and really anything that makes noise. She got a rocking horse and a chair for her birthday and some other fun toys. Anything she can put back or take away from someone makes her happy too.

She loves the laugh and "chase us" around the house. She walks EVERYWHERE! Bath time is her favorite time. She mimics us in speech as well as in motions. She has a mean face that she likes to make and then smile like she is kidding. She has thrown a tantrum or two, haven't decided which parent she got that from. 

I am sure I am forgetting a whole lot but I am a little in awe of how much has changed in the last year. We have a 1 year old!       

Mean Face!


Grocery Shopping with Mom!