Saturday, February 16, 2013

Praise the Lord!

Well we have been super blessed this last week! First off, Michael received notice that he got a raise. And not just a simple raise, a raise that is exactly what we needed to finish off the month! GOD IS SO GOOD!!! Then to follow that, I got more hours at the YMCA, which means that any extra that we do gets to go into savings or to pay off debt! Pretty much this just shows me how much God cares about all the little things in our lives. I mean, we knew He would provide, but we didn't know how or when or what we would need to do. And then BAM! He drops something in our lap.

I will say that we are still be cautious with all that has been given to us, but I just wanted to let people know that God has everything in control even when we think we need to control something. He has really ministered into my life and the life of my family in this way.

Baby Peanut is doing well, I go to the doctor for the regular check up this week. I love feeling him kick and move. Sydnee is trying to potty train. I would say we are trying to help, but she mostly does it on her own. They have a time that they take the little ones to the potty at the Y and she tries several times a day. She can hold her bladder forever though. She just hasn't let herself go in the potty...but when she does...well it will be a celebration in our house. My goal is to have her potty trained by the time Peanut arrives!

Well that's about all...hope you are rejoicing with us!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Well after almost a year, and lots of new experiences, I have decided to update all 10 followers of our lives.

Here is how our lives have changed in just a short amount of time:

1. Michael got a job! In June, Michael was offered a job in state government. We had about 3 weeks until his job started and that included a move! It was an answer to prayer and has been a great experience so far. He really likes his job, and he is working on policy. We moved to Round Rock and he commutes to North Austin every day. When we found out how much daycare would be, we decided that I would stay home with Sydnee. I got my dream of being a stay home mommy!

2. In June, I started a Mary Kay business. It has been slow going but we are still hopeful. I have lots of ideas but I haven't met a whole lot of people. I am not one to ask every person I meet if they want to use Mary Kay, which is probably why the business is slow. However, we are still praying that I can be successful through this endeavor.

3. In October, we found out we are PREGNANT!!! We are so excited to welcome our little bundle of joy in late June. Just this last month we found out we are having a boy! It is super exciting. He will be the first grandson on both sides of our families. And he will be the second great-grandson on both my mom and my dad's side of the family. Please don't ask for a name...we have one picked...we aren't telling :)

4. In November, we signed up to join a church we have been attending. We really connected with the people of Hill Country Bible Church in Round Rock. It has been a great experience for us and we are learning so much about who we are and who God is to us!

5. In January, I finally got hired on at our local YMCA as a nursery/toddler worker. It is a part time job and I can take Sydnee with me! And she is FREE!!! What a huge blessing. Just this last week I was bumped up to working every day. It is so great to help contribute to the family and still get to spend so much time with my baby girl...who isn't a baby anymore.

Those are the major changes in our lives. We have had struggles with the most people have I am sure. We also had to make some major financial decisions but God has been faithful to us through each month. Our friends that we have made are so important to our lives and we absolutely love the fellowship. Sydnee has two best buds, Luke and Caleb (brothers), and they play so well together. It is so fun to watch her develop into a precious little girl. She wins everyone over with her charm...such a scary thought!!


Well we obviously can't wait to meet our little peanut. June will be an exciting month. We are also looking for Michael a part time job. It's expensive to live here! So hopefully we can have an update on that as well. Sydnee will turn 2 in a month!  I can't believe it. I also plan to start an ETSY business, so if you have any ideas on stuff I could make and sell, pass it on! Plus we are also hoping Michael will get approval and will finally be done with his PhD!!! That will be a celebration in our house!!!

I think that's about all! I hope we hit enough highlights for you!