Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 Months

On June 8th, Sydnee turned 3 months. I can't believe she is already that old! Stop growing up, I mean it! But what a wonderful ride it has been. This last week Sydnee got all her summer gear together, and she is ready to go swimming. If we ever make it out to do that. We have been sewing quilts lately for BeBe. On the week of Sydnee's 3 month birthday, Sydnee got to meet her future best friends at my high school reunion, 10 years already! She met Jonah, who got allergies while he was here. Poor kid, our dry weather does not help little babies. But we were sure happy to see him! She also met Cate. Sadly we didn't get a picture of Cate and Syd together, but I'm sure more will happen in the near future! It was so fun to see all the babies and how we are becoming parents!

3 months old today!

Jonah and Sydnee...trying to hold hands :)

Some updates on how Sydnee is doing. She goes to bed between 8-9 every night and wakes up between 7-8 in the morning. Such a great time of relaxation for Mommy and Daddy. Sydnee eats about 7 times a day and takes her nap after some fun wake time. She has started talking. She talks and makes coos so much! It is so fun to hear! She has also started smiling more and more. My favorite time is when I lean over the crib when she wakes up and a huge grin is on her face. It melts my heart! Sydnee rolled from her tummy to her back yesterday - June 14th. I was so excited. She looked scared! I even marked the time 12:26 pm. She hasn't done it since. She has become so much more active and attentive. She can hold her head up more and more! She is getting so strong! It is so fun to see her grow! She has the best little fat rolls on the tops of her legs. Like her Sunday School teacher says, "she is so squishy!"

Sydnee's Uncle Alan sent her a giant stuffed dog. She looks so tiny next to it! I feel like there will be a competition for the largest stuffed animal. This is not an invitation to join in the giant animal find. We don't have space for them!
Hanging out on the stuffed dog.

Just relaxing!

Too cool for school and ready for summer!

Grammy and Grampa

Daddy and Sydnee having a chat.
Well Sydnee's Grammy and Grampa came to visit over Memorial Day weekend. They hadn't seen our precious girl since her birth. I was gearing Syd up all week for this fun weekend and she just wasn't having any of it. I felt so bad. She cried almost every time they held her! I couldn't believe it! I have passed her around since she was born so she could get used to being held by lots of people and she wasn't having any of it! I don't know what got into her! But we had fun visiting and shopping and just hanging out. Sydnee was a champ, even though she did miss some naps through it all. She was also blessed (as were her parents) with new clothes! Sydnee is dressed to impress now! We are going down in July to see them again, so hopefully things will be better this next time. Here are a few pictures of Sydnee in her new clothes.

Learning how to make raspberries while out getting some Fro-yo
Sitting with Grampa

"Mom, stop taking my picture already!"