Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ryne 2 months

Our baby boy is growing up! I can't believe how fast it has seemed to go this time around. Probably because I am chasing after Sydee on a daily basis and am missing some of his littleness. He had a good visit but we did find out he has a small case of torticollis. His forehead is growing out crooked because of it. However, he has gained his weight back and then some!

Head - 40 1/2 cm - 61%
Weight - 12.5 lbs - 64%
Height - 23.5" - 69%

Yeah R.J.!!

So back to the stuff we found out. He had to have a hip ultrasound because he was breech during most of the pregnancy. Being breech might have also caused his torticollis issue as well. But he had a clean bill of health after the ultrasound!! Go God!! I had called my friend Mel in regards to his torticollis and tried to get some ideas on how to fix it at home. She gave me some stuff to do and it worked wonders! By the time we got to the physical therapist he had already shown much improvement. The PT thought it would have been much worse since she was seeing him at 2 months but she said what we were doing at home was helping. I am so thankful! Our son is in the 20th percentile of babies with torticollis as for how he leans and looks. She also said that his torticollis is most likely caused by this head having a flat spot, not his head having a flat spot because of the torticollis. He had to be backwards in this too. But we have what we need to do and we are hoping and praying that we can avoid the helmet!