Friday, May 20, 2011


Disclaimer! This is about POOP!

So Sydnee has developed this lovely habit that I would like to say I wish she didn't have. Apparently, some breast milk babies do not go to the bathroom around 2 months. Their body absorbs all the nutrients and it takes a while for them to "build up" enough to go to the bathroom. Now granted, Syd's going to kill me when she finds out I blogged about the embarrassing subject, but many moms have had these hilarious days of diaper blowouts. So Sydnee did not go to the bathroom for 1 week and 1 day. I knew it would be a major diaper or several major diapers in a row, but I never expected this! It happened on Wednesday. I had just fed her and I was at my parents' house working on a quilt. I set her in her car seat so she could "talk" to her Poppy while he worked. After a few minutes she started this horrid grunting and her face was SO red. I thought maybe she just still didn't feel good from her shots the day before but I was so wrong. After a few minutes she started to fuss. Dad had a call coming in so I went and got her and thought, well I'll change her just in case. Well when I picked her up, I felt her onesie and it was soaked, all the way up the side! I realized I had a problem on the way. I took her into my parent's bedroom where I laid her on an old towel to start taking her clothes off. She started crying and as I pulled her top up, I saw why. There was poop coming out of the top and back of her diaper. It was in her belly button and there was so much that I couldn't scrape it off with the diaper because the diaper was already too full. I used about 15 wipes just to clean her off of the main goo. I then made a bath for her in the bathroom sink to wash off the rest of the foul smelling poop. It was by far the grossest thing that has happened since we got her home 10 weeks ago! I got her changed...left her half naked until we went home because I only had 1 spare outfit....and we went about our day. She was very happy after the fact but I am not looking forward to next weeks disaster!

Becoming Mommy

There are so many times in our lives that we mark as those special events. We get our license at 16, finally taking our first solo trip out into the real world. We can vote at 18 or buy tobacco (if you're into that). Finally making into your 20's and then the next year you are 21. At this point you start to think about all the events that lead up to that special time of becoming a mom. You find THE ONE. You get married. Somewhere down the road you find out you are going to have a baby! You have 9 months to prepare yourself for something that you can never be prepared for. I don't care what the books say, there is no way you can be prepared for mommyhood. I wouldn't trade one sleepless night for my little girl but as soon as she gets here, you count up all the ways that make you mommy.

Sleepless nights...too many to count. Changing diapers....too many to count. Feeding your little angel...too many to count. Taking your little one to get their shots...painful for both mommy and baby...but the recovery time and cuddle time after make it all OK, somehow. Then there are all the "OH so happy moments". The first time she smiles at you or starts to laugh. Currently, Sydnee is sitting in her swing. She "talked" to her elephant on the fabric of her seat until she was too tired and fell asleep. These moments I will treasure forever. The first time she found her thumb and preferred that to her pacifier. And my all-time favorite is just the happy feeling I have when she just wants to cuddle with me.

I love being a mom. I am beyond blessed to have this little person in my life. God knew what we needed in our lives to completely change us for the better. Sydnee, I love you with all my heart and I will always love you no matter what!
I'm getting so big!

Happy Sydnee!

2 Month Wellness

So Sydnee had her 2 month wellness check today. I am so proud to be her mother. She is such a blessing to me and to her dad. Each night as we check on her before we go to bed, we just stand in awe of how wonderful she is or notice something cute she does in her sleep. We are constantly entertained. She has also started cooing and "talking" to herself. Absolutely the most wonderful sounds I have ever heard. I love how she smiles at me and grabs my fingers when she sits on my lap. Sadly, I don't have her smiling in pictures yet. I never seem to have the camera ready when she is doing her happy time. I will work on worries. She has found her thumb. She sucks on it at night to go to sleep and in the morning to wake up. I know this because she does not suck on it quietly. It is a very loud noise. Fortunately for us, for now, she does not suck on her thumb or paci while she sleeps, only around sleep time. Hopefully she will keep up this habit and not become a full-fledged thumb sucker so we won't have major dental bills in the years to come.

As far as her updates on her stats:

Height: 22.4" and in the 50%
Weight: 10lbs 11oz and in the 50 %
Head Circumference: 15.6" and in the 75%

Dr. G. said she was growing at a good rate and she "must" be smart for such a large head! Haha! I am sure she was just being nice but we like to hear that fun stuff. She also said she was perfect which every parent wants to hear about their child.

Sleep Habits:
Sydnee is our champion sleeper. We are so proud and I have a hard time not bragging about our little girl. But just this week she has set her own schedule, so to speak. Sydnee wakes up at 7AM (wonderful for me!), eats a short breakfast with a short wake time and then goes back to bed for a little bit. She then eats again between 9:30-10 and stays awake for about an hour before her nap. She then eats again around 1, then 3:30-4, then 6ish and then 8 before her bedtime. She takes only one long nap during the day, either morning or afternoon, and knows her bedtime routine. She then sleeps for about 11 hours at night! I can't believe how awesome she is! Bedtime routine consists of a bath or changing into her nighttime diaper and then her pj's. She then eats and then goes to sleep.

At this subject, many call me crazy, but I don't care. We changed to cloth diapers beginning last week. She is doing awesome. No more diaper rash and the diapers are super easy to put on and keep clean. We use Bumgenius and Fuzzibunz. We are pleased with both brands. She doesn't like to be wet, so I am hoping potty training will be easy when we try to start that. Her nighttime diaper is HUGE! We double layer the padding in it and it makes her look like she has a large ba-donk-a-donk!
Closest picture to 2 months!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Aunt Andi's Visit

Aunt Andi came to visit from Pittsburgh. Originally, I was supposed to go to work and she would watch Sydnee, but since I am home, we got to spend a lot of sister time. It was a great visit. We went shopping and sewed together. Sydnee cuddled with Andi and played with her. We also went and got pedicures as a gift to mom for Mother's Day. Sydnee got her toes painted too. Andi was here for Mother's Day as well and it was a real treat for my mom to have all her girls and granddaughter here. Sydnee gave plates with her feet painted on them to her grandmothers and great grandmothers. She was very happy about giving those gifts!

 Sporting Texas Tech gear to meet Aunt Andi!
 Cousin Shania holding Sydnee on Mother's Day!
 About to go shopping. Same face her daddy makes when we go shopping!
Nap time with Aunt Andi!

Next week is our official 2 month appointment! More updates then!

Easter Sunday

So Sydnee took her second trip to church on Easter Sunday. She did wonderful! We went to lunch at Bebe and Poppy's house. It was so fun! The day before, she went over and decorated Easter eggs. She really didn't do much but she did sit there with us and "try" to have fun. I had to leave to run an errand and she apparently went to sleep right after I left. But that's ok. Sydnee was very spoiled for Easter. She got a special package from her Grammy and Grampa and an Easter basket from her Bebe and Poppy. We had a great Easter celebrating the greatest gift given to us.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Praise the Lord!

Well my prayers were answered. It was a little scary for me for a day but I am learning to trust that the Lord is in control. I haven't wanted to go back to work because it was going to be difficult to get sitters for Sydnee and it just stressed me out completely. She also wasn't on a super normal schedule and I kept feeling bad leaving her with someone with her and her act up. I just didn't want that to happen. Well Michael got a part time job working on a ranch that some of our friends own. We have been super blessed by this and are able to compensate for my loss of pay during the month of May. I get to stay home! I am so relaxed and happy and actually looking forward to this extended break. I am sad a little, only because I miss my students but I knew I wouldn't be focusing on my job at that time anyway. I mean, seriously, how can I think about work when I have this cute kid? Ha!

We are now working on Sydnee's schedule. She sleeps really well at night. Mostly a 6-7 hour stretch. I am hoping to get that a little more consistent on the time she goes to bed but we shall see. To do that, I am waking up with her between 7 and 7:30. Some days are better than others but it is helping to regulate a long morning nap and sometimes a long afternoon nap as well. I am hoping this will also extend into a regular bedtime in the future. I am also working on how to keep our house clean, sew (for my mom's business and to make a little extra money), cook and just get into the habit of life.

Upcoming events and blogs that will happen soon. Aunt Andi will be here on Saturday. Mother's Day is Sunday as well as Sydnee's 2 month birthday! And our 2 month doctor's appointment is on the 17th. So much to do and see. Pictures will be posted after this week!