Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Baby

Well I just read my friend Melanie's blog, and I realized how many times I have written to keep people up to date. Not a lot! I also realized that my blogs were not near as fun nor happy as hers. So, not to copy her, but to update on that happy times of pregnancy here I go. Hopefully it will get me out of the uncomfortable, weird mood I'm in.

Things to be happy about right now:

1. I am 33 weeks tomorrow! I can't believe how time has flown and how soon we will get to meet our cute little girl.

2. We just had a shower and were blessed with all these wonderful baby items. She now has really cute (pink) clothes and shoes and hats and the practical stuff of life. I can't wait for her to get here so I can dress her in all her outfits even though half of them will be spit up on, I am still excited!

3. We will most likely get to meet our little girl a week early! Our little angel is happily sitting breech (complete breech because our baby doesn't do anything halfway). Dr. Owen said she doesn't want me to get near to going into labor so we will find out next week if we are planning a c-section for the week before her due date. That means 6 weeks!! I know she can still flip, but the odds go down daily as she grows and my belly isn't giving her a whole lot of wiggle room.

4. If I have a c-section, I won't have to go back to work for the rest of the year, meaning I will be home with my little girl from March until August! What a blessing that would be!

5. I don't have gestational diabetes, even though I was borderline. All that means is that I ate too many sweets and our baby got fat :) Now I just have 1 sugar thing a day and substitute with the good kinds of foods like nuts and fruits. It's been difficult on some days (just ask Michael) but manageable. I want our little girl to be healthy. Besides, I lost two pounds from the last weigh in because of my cutting back! Oops!

6. Our nursery/office/guest bedroom is almost put together. The office and bed are all ready and we are putting the finishing touches on our baby bedding this weekend. Hopefully we will have it up soon to be able to take pictures.

I think that is all for right now. When people say they get pregnancy brain, they weren't kidding. I can hardly remember do turn the straightener off ( which I forgot today), let alone the lessons for the students. Sometimes I forget that they ask questions and don't even respond! It's super crazy! Fortunately, they are amazing and they put up with all my craziness! I have great students this year! Michael has been super supportive and we are enjoying the birthing classes. We are the least serious of the class but it's fun to learn all the stuff that will happen together. He has gone above and beyond to help out around the house and keep me fed! I think I am eating more than him now! We are both excited to meet this little one! He keeps rubbing the belly to see if she'll flip for him. Sadly, she is stubborn. Oh well, she has our genes and that isn't surprising. Now the only thing we need is for Michael to get a job and we will be set for the upcoming year.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pregnancy Hormones or what???

I'm not sure if I am being overly sensitive or if I really feel this way but I am ready for a break! I am tired of up and down days. I hope these feelings go away soon. I can't really complain though; I have had a pretty good pregnancy.

To start things off, I am trying, very unsuccessfully, to not stress about going onto maternity leave. I am torn between wanting my students to get the best education possible and taking time off for my baby. I know I will do what is best for my family and I will take the time off that is needed. However, I don't want the kids to suffer because the preparation of the substitute is not done well. For example, I have getting 3 subs. 2 are confirmed, but one of the two does not realize that I will not be doing work from home. This is not a "sub for a day" situation. This sub needs to be able to teach. The first sub they hired I know is a good because she has already taught. Should I worry? Most say no. Some say, it's your job and you need to give a little to make it work out for what is best. I don't want to worry about it, but I don't know how not to worry about it. It's my job, it's our support and it's the future of America, as my husband would put it. I don't want them to miss anything. I know in my head that finding the sub is not my responsibility, but should it be my responsibility to teach the sub how to teach before I do go on leave? And then that leads into the next issue; they told a sub a date but what if not everything goes as planned? I don't know what do to do about that situation and I want everyone, including myself, to be prepared to leave for the 6 weeks or more, that I will be out. Those that are making me feel guilty about leaving and not helping the whole time make me want to I do...and someday I'll get over it.

Part two of my hormonal worries: glucose test. I didn't pass the 1 hour glucose test. It worries me a little since the sonogram specialist said our baby was fat and could be a sign of gestational diabetes. Then I go and take the test and I don't pass it. So now I have to take one of my days off (which I have been saving) to go take a 3 hour glucose test where I have to start fasting at midnight. I am not allowed to eat or drink until it's over, which would be nearly noon the next day. If this doesn't turn out well, I'll have to be monitored closely. I just don't want to have that stress added to the school stress. Which in turn makes me sad and want to cry.

Since I am generally not a crier, I would like to think that this is all hormonal and I am blowing things way out of proportion. I mean, that is the only thing I can think of as to why I am worrying so much more than I normally do.

On the bright side, I am so happy that in 10 weeks, I really won't be worrying about it because my precious little baby girl will be here. I am so ready to meet her!  Things in my little world are about to change drastically!