Sunday, March 24, 2013

Toddlers, Tantrums and Tired Parents

Well Sydnee turned two just a few weeks ago. I guess that means she gets to start her terrible twos. She has been good for the most part, until this last week. She got the "TUMMY BUG" last week and that has set off a whole new personality for our little girl. She started with a fever, then the throw up and a few days later, the "other stuff". After two consecutive days of double digit diapers (high teens) we have become tired. On the bright side, Sydnee is a happy sick baby. She was running around waving clean diapers going "Yucky Diaper!!!" Needless to day she kept the humor in the house.

Other changes for a little girl...her big girl bed. Now the first few weeks she did great in her bed. Didn't faze her at all! She got in bed on her own, stayed in bed until we got her up and it was really nice. Then the horrible tummy bug hit and she figured out how to get out of her bed. She now knocks on the door and asks to get out and plays around her room during nap time. Now we don't really let her but we also want her to learn to stay in her room so we are slowly going to the stage of getting her to stay in bed. However, she keeps us laughing each night as we find her somewhere new in her room. One day we found her with her blanket by the door. Another time she had flipped herself on the bed and ending up falling off in the middle of the night. Last night she was 'super-manning' it on the floor...too bad we didn't have a cape to throw over her. But she did stay in her bed after we put her back in for the rest of the night. So there is a bright side :)

Oh and now her tantrums. Sydnee likes to think that since she got her way while she was sick, she should be indulged all the time. So she has screaming fits. I hear it's normal but I'm not sure it makes for happy parents. In fact, we are tired. We were tired from her sickness and now her tantrums have caused us to stay tired. But time outs are helpful. She cries, then calms down and we go about our business. I guess it's nice to know we have a normal child. Or so I hear is normal. On the bright side, she is obedient to her teachers at the Y and so I guess that makes me feel better. I would rather her be a challenge to us than to those who watch her.

In other news, 14 weeks and counting until Peanut arrives. Syd has figured out there is a baby there and she gives him kisses. It's sweet. The doctor says I look great and everything is going as planned. We have another sonogram in two weeks, along with my GD test. I am hoping I do better this time around.