Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I really can't think of what to title this blog right now. I guess I will just write it and see what I come up with...maybe. I was informed that my updates on Sydnee are quite funny so I felt I needed to do some more. Sydnee has taken to "watching" movies what she takes a bath. Really, my sister gives her a bath and they play music on her iPhone. She thinks that's movies on the phone. It makes me laugh that the terminology she comes up with we all seem to use. It's not baby talk, it's just how she sees it, if we correct her, we are wrong, so we just use those phrases. But she sings the songs around the house. Recently she has sung "God is bigger than the boogie man" by Veggie Tales. It's hilarious because she will run to her room, sit on her bed and start singing: " When I"m lyin' in my bed, and the furniture starts screamin'". Then she jumps up and runs into the room and then finishes as much as she can remember about the song. She will do this forever. And then she just runs around singing different songs. So funny! I sometimes wonder if that is really my child. I mean I know I was there when I gave birth to her, but her personality just seems so far out. And then I was told today that Sydnee acts just like me...well that they can see where Sydnee gets her craziness from. I don't really run around the house singing Veggie Tale songs...usually. I do see her father in her when it comes to breaking rules. I told her just yesterday, "Sydnee, don't jump from that (the ottoman) to the couch. It will give you owies." She looked right at me, pulled her rocking horse over, stood on it and jumped to the couch. I guess her father can deal with that when she out-maneuvers him...and she will...I can feel it.

She also likes to state facts. For example:

She likes to wake and tell us she is "All done." As if it was a question. In her mind, I imagine she is saying, "I'm all done sleeping. I don't need any more of this. Where is my movie?" But yes, it's the first thing she says, followed by, I want a snack.

She also tells us when RJ poops. It's no longer shooey...It's poop. She asked today if he got it on his butt. I told her we don't use butt in this house but bottom. Her exact words were "Oh sorry, bottom". But when she does say poop it sounds hilarious because one of my co-workers who helps take care of her is from Mexico and so Sydnee mimics how she speaks and Syd says poop with a Spanish accent. It's great fun to be around Syd. (On a side note, Buzz Lightyear flies like Dumbo...she has informed me of that).

Sydnee knows our names. She frequently yells out. "MICHAEL! He spit up!" Or "MICHAEL come here!" She does call me Tabitha sometimes. It sounds like Tabta...I just keep telling her I'm mom. She says...oh sorry Ms. Mom...I guess that is my name now. She calls out Susanna's name at dinner. We will be sitting down and she will yell out: "SUSANNA! Come eat!, Susie, time to eat!" Sadly, most of the time Susanna isn't here. She just likes yelling it I guess.

OH and some updates on RJ. He is a growing boy! I had to take him to the dr. 2 weeks ago because he had some redness in his...well you know and I was worried. So I took him in. They weighed him. 13lbs 10oz. He is only 3 months. That means he has gained 5lbs since birth. Nothing was wrong with him by the way. Just some irritation.  He is currently in a growth spurt. He just eats and sleeps and whines when he is awake. I think he has a latent giant gene. He will be huge! Lol. He has a new nickname thanks to those I work with. He is now called "hit man". He can hit anyone with spit up. It's an art really. I think he is ready for food too. He watches us eat. I have given him a little cereal and he likes it but I think it gives him gas and makes him poop a lot! He also had a new hat. We are trying to prevent the helmet and we bought a tortle. It is a stocking cap that has a ridge so he is forced to keep his head going the other way. We call him tortle-head. It's really cute. I'll try and get a picture.

That's about all I have for now. In the words of Sydnee: "I gotta get out of here!"

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