Thursday, August 8, 2013

All before Noon

We have had an exciting day to say the least. I am hoping this afternoon isn't so crazy. To start off, we were up by 7 am. This means my children had 5 hours to make my life crazy. But it wasn't my children who started the crazy off. No, it wasn't even my husband. It was the ANTS! I am really starting to dislike this insect. They are everywhere! We clean, we spray, we clean, we spray and they still show up! Last night Michael sprayed the whole living and kitchen area to kill the ants and I cleaned the floor with enough bleach to make you feel woozy. And then we found them in our bathroom this morning. Right on the other side of the kitchen wall is our bathroom. They were everywhere. Mostly in my wet bathing suit which was on the bathroom counter. I mean, I know Michael said he wanted the bathroom organized so we could use the whole counter, but I mean it didn't have to get to this extreme! He didn't really plant the ants there, but the bathroom is clean. Maybe it was just bad karma because I didn't respect the double sinks. I mean, we have never had two sinks before and I used mine to store all my stuff until I could organize as I see fit. So maybe it's my fault? Well I left the ants until the kids would take a nap. No use poisoning my children.

So back to when they get up. I have to BRIBE my daughter with food and movies just to use the potty. So I said no orange juice until you try to potty. And boy did she potty! She had so much pee because she woke with a dry diaper! I was so proud of that and I feel like we have been pretty successful in the potty training area. Then we had breakfast and she wanted to go outside. So we played outside. Then we came in and she played inside and finally go bored and I turned on her favorite...the lion movie AKA The Lion King. So we watched the movie. RJ was playing and sleeping and just being great. In fact, he is a great baby. He has really taken to sleeping in his bassinet. Another small victory! But Sydnee finished her movie and wanted to have a snack so I let her snack and then I needed at least an hour of activity to keep her focused before lunch and nap time. Swimming wouldn't cut it because my suit had ants all over it and hers was still dirty from yesterday. So I said let's paint! She helped me get out all the paint and the table cover and her cardboard to paint on and I gave her the palette of paints and started to make dinner. We are having twice baked potatoes by the way. Well after I put the potatoes in the oven and got RJ up to feed him, I thought, she can do this by herself. She is doing great. Her hands are covered in paint but that's not a big deal. And then she said, "All done!" I asked her to wait until RJ finished eating (at least finish nursing one side) and then I got up to clean off her "hands"

She got to take a bath in the sink and in the tub. There is still paint in her hair and in her eye lashes. I think she had fun. That's the important part right?

So then she had her lunch and I finished nursing RJ and she went down for her nap. I ate my lunch and put RJ down so I could clean the bathroom. Well I remembered the potatoes in the oven. There is a reason you poke holes in the potatoes. I just didn't realize how important that was until now.

They case you didn't know. But I had cleaning to do so I will deal with those later. I went into our bathroom and I cleaned and organized and washed all the towels and floor mats. And then I sprayed. I am sure I sprayed too much for such a small space because it smells in there now, but I wanted to kill any and all ants. I have started to feel like a story I read in high school. Leiningen vs. the Ants. Now granted, these ants are not flesh eating, but I feel like they have taken over the whole house. Hopefully we will have killed a lot and my plan is to spray once a week for several weeks to make sure we keep them away.

Well now I'm off to fix my potato mess! Wish me luck!

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