Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yep! You drive me crazy!

So this last week I have really seen part of Sydnee's personality come out. Or maybe I just notice when some things she does are just absolutely so funny that I can't help but wonder, whose child is that? I love how she says "love" or any word with an L in it. Her love kind of sounds like "lub" but with more of a long "u" sound and she somehow rolls her L's. So we really like it when she says "I'm going to see Uncle Alan in a little bit." It sounds like "I'm seeing luncle lalan in a lolttle bit." It can be fun having a kid! Sometimes.

Sydnee likes to say, "Yep"

Me: Do you want some orange juice?
Syd: Yep. Blue cup
Me: You want it in a blue cup?
Syd: Yep.

Me: Did you go teetee in the potty?
Syd: Yep. Now I get chocwate (chocolate)

And the conversations never end.

She hasn't figured out the thought process of "why" yet. So we aren't at the stage where I know I will end up saying: BECAUSE I SAID SO! but we are at the discovery stage.

In the garage with her daddy:

S: What's that?
M: A lawn mower
S: What's that?
M: A weed-eater
S: What's that?
M: A lawn mower
S: What's that?
M: A weed-eater

It's a good thing he is patient because they did that for about 5 minutes. She knows what they are now. And she asks what everything is called! At least she is learning and remembers!

Other Sydnee-isms that make us laugh:

Going to the potty.

Syd: Can lion come?
Me: Sure, lion can come
(in the bathroom)
Syd: Ok lion, you watch shower curtain
(lion faces shower curtain while Sydnee goes potty)

At dinner waiting for everyone to finish.

Syd: All done!
Michael: Aunt Susie's not done
(15 second pause)
Syd: All done now?
Me: No, she's not all done
(15 second pause)
Syd: All done now?
Susie: I'm almost done
Syd: All done!
Me: No, she has a few more bites
(Syd peers around the tea and looks at her plate, it's empty.)
Syd: All done
Me: We need to ask Aunt Susie if she is all done
Syd: Please Susie all done? (emphatic use of hand signs as well)

Moral of the story? Sydnee does not like to wait to be done.

But the real kicker is when I realized how much she listens and repeats what is said. It is  very humbling.

Getting in her booster seat. Her brother is crying in his bassinet. I haven't had any coffee yet and she needs to show her independent streak.

Syd: I do it myself
Me: Please Syd, let me help.
Syd: No, I do it!
Me: Oh Syd!
Syd: You drivin me crazy

Obviously I say that last part too much. I keep thinking it's better than telling her how frustrated she is making me, but I guess anything comes across as frustration. So "Yep", my kid know that she "drives me crazy!"

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  1. Yes they drive you crazy asking, but pay back time is coming when you get to drive them crazy when they are teen-agers... And, you can tell the kids that is your job to now drive them crazy. Enjoy the crazy it goes way to fast really.